About Us

Our Story

Our Business Model is Simple, “We Treat You Like Family!” A Lending Hand is a licensed Nurse Registry that refers Companions, Certified Nursing Assistants and Home Health Aides. We are a family-owned-and-operated establishment that has been in business for over a decade.

Our Mission

Since inception, our mission together has been to offer information to clients needed to make their best decisions, and then do whatever is necessary to help elders live lives that are as healthy, fulfilling and independent as possible.

Why choose a Nurse Registry?

YOU are in CONTROL! There are many advantages to choosing a Nurse Registry for your home health care needs. The principal advantage of Consumer-Directed Care is that it provides clients with greater participation in decisions concerning their care. It is a great concern of ours that our client’s feel as independent as possible throughout the whole process. Our clients are able to manage all aspects of the home care relationship without any interference from a third-party. As a Nurse Registry, we allow our clients to individually select and interview caregivers to ensure they are satisfied before services begin.